EDIUS 9.21 released

This small update to version 9.21.3770 includes bug fixes and an updated support for Grass Valley Stratus. The update to EDIUS 9.21 is free for EDIUS Pro 9 and Workgroup 9 customers. Details regarding the updates can be found in the EDIUS 9.21 release notes.

Download of EDIUS 9.21

Note: New functions are planed for the upcoming EDIUS version 9.30. (Release date: Mid September 2018 at IBC).

NAB Show Reports

The NAB Show 2018 presents version 9.20 of EDIUS as well as a number of new products in relation to EDIUS 9. We have produced the following Reports for you:



NewBlue Amplify 6 is offered to you either as complete or plus version to an extremely favourable price until 31. May 2018.



In our Interview with Todor Fay, CEO of NewBlue, you get further information about this excellent plug-in.



Furthermore, Grass Valley presents the new version of its Transcoder, the XRE Transcoder 9 with new great features.



Finally, in our Report on the new T2, Grass Valley present its new version of the GV T2 iDDR Recorder/Player.



Grass Valley introduces EDIUS 9.20 at the NAB show

At the NAB show, Grass Valley introduces version 9.20 of its EDIUS editing solution, which now includes additional HDR video control tools, new color spaces and a floating license model. As always, EDIUS 9 users will benefit from the update free of charge as part of the regular product enhancement program by Grass Valley.


New video scopes for HDR
With the latest updates, EDIUS has been provided with more and more options for professional color grading, new color spaces and HDR processing. The new video scopes from EDIUS 9.20 offer comprehensive control and analysis functions to achieve the optimal dynamic range. In addition to REC.709, the video scopes now also support new color spaces and offer the nits display essential for HDR. In addition to the Waveform Monitor and Vectorscope, EDIUS 9.20 now also offers the display as an RGB parade, as well as an RGB histogram, which, together with the primary color correction, enable particularly efficient fine tuning.

New color spaces, new color management
EDIUS 9.20 now also supports the color spaces ARRI-ALEXA Wide Gamut / Log C and DJI-D-Gamut / D-Log. Applying the newly introduced color space templates manager, the user can simply deselect any presets not needed and thus obtains an optimal overview with the option to further modify settings to individual needs. Modified template lists can be exported for use with other EDIUS systems.

Floating license model
The "Floating License" model allows the installation of EDIUS 9 onto an unlimited number of workstations within a facility. As a purchase and not a rental model the licensee benefits from only paying for the desired maximum numbers of concurrent active EDIUS users independent from the number of installations. The license model is available starting from five EDIUS Pro 9 or Workgroup 9 licenses. For educational institutions, as with the regular EDIUS version, reduced rates apply.

HDR support in Mync
The Mync Media Manager now supports an HDR workflow including preview, storyboard editing and export. intel Quicksync systems of the 6th, 7th or 8th generation allow an H.265 export.

Further improvements in EDIUS
EDIUS 9.20 now supports the import of Apple ProRes MXF and Sony VENICE RAW. The processing of Canon Cinema RAW Light material of the Canon C200 has been optimized and thus considerably accelerated.

Further information and download of EDIUS 9.20
Please find the download of version 9.20 as well as the podcast introducing all new features in EDIUS 9.20.

EDIUS is a regular winner in professional journals’ comparative tests and one of the most frequently used video editing solutions. The software is equally popular with video enthusiasts, Youtubers, event filmmakers, universities and colleges, industry, production houses, TV broadcasters and government agencies.

EDIUS 9.10 released

EDIUS 9.10 is now available via download.

The most important features are:

  • Export of H.265 via intel QuickSync hardware encoder:
    File export with the modern and even more effective H.265 Codec, 8bit and 10bit export.
    Please note: The complex H.265 encoding is available in combination with an appropriate hardware encoder only. Hence the H.265 export is only possible with processors that have a QuickSync hardware encoder integrated ( list of appropriate processors with QuickSync). Without such a processor the H.265 export is currently not possible. The latest intel processors with integrated GPU contain such a hardware encoder. The 6th generation (Skylake) supports the H.265 export in 8bit in the main profile. The 7th generation (Kaby Lake) and the 8th generation (Coffee Lake) additionally allow the H.265 export in 8bit as well as 10bit in the main profile.
  • XAVC Proxy Workflow:
    Import and automatic recognition of Sony XAVC/XAVC-S Proxy-files.
    Workflow: The proxy files can be transferred directly to the editing suite at the TV station from the camera, via FTP or from the memory card, via laptop. They can also be edited on a simple laptop. Therefore the proxy files are imported and the project is edited. When the high resolution XAVC footage is finally available after a lengthy data transfer or via a memory card, the proxy files can be replaced. When importing them EDIUS automatically recognizes the missing, high resolution footage. As soon as EDIUS has the complete XAVC data available, the software also automatically uses the proxy files. When switching to proxy mode via mode, EDIUS no longer needs to generate proxy files as was required before.
  • Improvements of the media management software Mync:
    Fast tagging of files via shortcuts, subclip workflow for generating shorter clips inter alia for a more accurate trimming and dividing a long clip into fragments, multiple still image preview (up to 10 still images simultaneously) for a better overview and a simplified ratings process, extended reading and integration of file metadata, adoption of the original data taken from the source when generating snapshots.
  • Further EDIUS improvements:
    Elimination of certain issues, progress bar on the EDIUS icon in the taskbar when exporting and rendering selected clips.

Our EDIUS podcast shows you the new features:



Christmas present: EDIUS 9 now includes NewBlue Titler Pro 5 for free

For Christmas 2017, Grass Valley will be offering all current and future EDIUS 9 users the professional and comprehensive title software NewBlue Titler Pro 5, along with additional extensions and template packages totaling over € 400.

Even if users just make an (cost-effective) upgrade to EDIUS 9, you get the professional titling software for free. Information about the download, the installation and the first steps we give in our current EDIUS 9 podcast.

Here you find more information about NewBlue Titler Pro 5.