EDIUS version 9.55.77611 released

Grass Valley has released an update for EDIUS 9. The update contains several bug fixes. Details can be found in the EDIUS 9.55.7761 release notes.

Download EDIUS 9.55.7761

EDIUS X Crossgrade available now – save 30%!

As of now we are offering an EDIUS X Crossgrade at a special price for those switching to EDIUS from another editing program. The Jump 2 Upgrade (Crossgrade) is being introduced as a permanent offer. It applies to both the EDIUS X Pro and the EDIUS X Workgroup version.

In order to qualify for the EDIUS X Crossgrade you must change to EDIUS X from another editing program with a purchase price or an annual prescription fee exceeding €/$ 200.
The purchase process is very simple. When buying the EDIUS X Crossgrade you  receive a code that you have to enter at edius.net/code. At this website you submit information about your previous editing program to prove that you are eligible to buy the EDIUS X Crossgrade. The information is checked by the EDIUS.NET team and when approved, you will receive the license by e-mail within 24 hours.

For more information about this offer please contact your local EDIUS reseller.

EDIUS X Crossgrade

T2 Trade-in Promotion running from now until 31st July 2021

Great summer deal especially for broadcast and live-event production: Grass Valley just started the “T2 Trade-in Promotion” with savings up to $7,000 (€6,000) when purchasing a new T2 4K model with extended features. The T2 4K player/recorder is one of the industry's most advanced and most powerful simultaneous playback/record devices.

Owners of an old Grass Valley T2 player/recorder can trade in their old T2 with up to $ 7,000 (€6,000) savings when purchasing a new T2 4K:

trade-in pricelist

The T2 4K

The T2 4K digital recorder/players are 4K DCI, 4K UHD or HD/SD audio/video playout and recorder centers, available in three configurations for virtually every situation.

The front-panel transport controls have the look and feel of a traditional VTR. In 4K mode (DCI or UHD), one record or one output channel supports 4K content. In HD/SD mode one record and two output channels support SD and HD content. But also other configurations like 3 recorder and 0 player, 2 recorder and 1 player or 0 recorder and 3 player are possible. The crisp, clear LCD front panel can display high-quality images and is complemented by a software application suite for managing and selecting media clips, clip editing and trimming, and playout — including playlist creation.

T2 4K

Featuring rear-panel video/audio/remote/LTC connectivity, T2 4K can also accept files via USB 3.0, or by data transfer over a standard Gigabit Ethernet network, including Grass Valley HQX, XAVC, XAVC S, XDCAM, P2, AVC-ULTRA, Apple ProRes 422, Avid DNxHD and MPEG-2 files.

The T2 allows to import nearly any file, format and codec and performs cross-conversions (720p to 1080p/i) in real time.

And by the way: among their many great features, powerful workflow possibilities and reliable live performance specs the T2 decks are also a perfect partner to EDIUS X Workgroup as they allow live editing while capturing the growing HQX-file(s).

T2 4K UI

Latest T2 4K News

Latest Version (only for T2 4K) allows the following new features:

  • 2 or 3 channel recording for T2 4K Elite and T2 4K Pro Multi-channel HD recording: 3 in 0 out or 2 in 1 out in Grass Valley HQX codec (AVI or MXF)
  • ASIO audio recording by an USB ASIO Audio device (so it can now be used for audio-in and -out)
  • Support for 60.0p and 30.0p video format (not only 59,94p and 29,97p)
  • Dissolve transition when queuing to another clip event by user interaction

T2 4K Back

T2 Trade-in Promotion

This T2 Trade-in Promotion can only be purchased through selected resellers. Please contact your Grass Valley Reseller or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details and an offer.

The maximum number of units a customer may purchase at the special price in this campaign is equal to the number of units that are being traded in. Trade-in eligible models, trade-in conditions and prices are subject to change without notice.

For all T2 4K details, please visit the Grass Valley T2 4K product website

EDIUS X Version 10.20.7620 released

Grass Valley has just released version 10.20.7620 of EDIUS X. As always, EDIUS X users receive the update free of charge. Here you can download the new EDIUS X version 10.20.7620 directly.

This version improves some functions of the EDIUS X version 10.20.7490, which was released in May. However, the update also includes new functions:

  • Extended bin conversion (now H.264 and H.265 also as batch) as well as improved naming

  • Support for Blackmagic Raw 2.0 with Color Science Gen 5 (for e.g. Pocket Cinema Camera 6K and others)

Details about further new features and bug fixes can be found in the Release Notes.

This EDIUS podcast explains the extended Blackmagic Raw support:

EDIUS X Version 10.20 released

Grass Valley has just released version 10.20 of EDIUS X. A number of really useful functions have been added to the software. As always, EDIUS X users receive the update to version 10.20 free of charge.

Here you can download the new EDIUS X version 10.20 directly. This version includes the following new features:

Background file conversion in Bin
EDIUS X allows to comfortably perform file conversions into various formats as background processes while continuing editing and working on a project.

ProRes RAW color space selection function
EDIUS X automatically detects the correct color space when importing ProRes RAW material.

Job Monitor Tab
EDIUS X now offers an extended GV Job Monitor with more features including an additional “Job” Tab to review background jobs.

H.264 file export leveraging NVIDIA GPU
In addition to Intel QuickSync EDIUS X now also benefits from compatible NVIDIA GPUs when encoding H.264/AVC.

Faster processing
EDIUS X speeds up H.265 decoding, waveform generation, operations in complex projects and the rendering of nested sequences. EDIUS X speeds up the initialization of plug-ins and loads projects containing a multitude of QuickTitler titles faster.

Extended Format Support
EDIUS X supports Sony α1 8K XAVC HS files, Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, EOS R5 RAW and IPB files as well as Apple ProRes RAW files recorded with Panasonic DC-S1H/ATOMOS NINJA V.

Extended Color Space Support
EDIUS X preserves sRGB, DCI-P3 and P3-D65 color spaces when importing and exporting MOV/MP4 files and keeps the original clip’s color space when bin converting into different file formats.

Extended Metadata Support
EDIUS X now shows metadata of MOV/MP4 files in the bin while the on-screen display can show timeline timecode, source timecode and user bit simultaneously.

Extended Export Support
EDIUS X is capable of exporting MP3 audio files. An option is now available to automatically import exported files into the bin. The EDIUS X Workgroup version also offers extended MXF file profile selection in the MXF exporter settings.

Mync Update
Mync has also been updated with all new EDIUS X formats and features additional import settings as well as enhanced export options. In addition to H.264 and H.265 the user may now also export files as Grass Valley HQX and Apple ProRes.

For all added features in EDIUS and Mync please see the release notes of EDIUS X Version 10.20.

During the expected lifecycle of around two to three years EDIUS X users will continue to benefit from the ongoing development of EDIUS X. Further free updates are expected to incorporate AI driven services and team work functions fully leveraging the modular EDIUS X design.

Download EDIUS X Version 10.20 Update and Release Notes